Monday, 26 May 2014

Quick Market Survey of South African Traders

Do you trade ? Please participate in this Trader Survey

If you are a current trader in electronic trading, or a wannabe trader, or a financial speculator of sorts, or if you buy and sell on financial markets in your own private capacity (i.e. not in capacity as an institutional trader or a broker or through a stockbroker), or maybe you see yourself as the next George Soros - you are invited to please complete the following survey:

Regardless if you associate with being called a day trader, position trader, swing trader, scalper, want to be a momentum trader, a technical trader, a fundamental trader, a options trader, become a bitcoin speculator, whether you feel bullish or bearish, have taken out butterfly spreads - if you know what long and short means, whether you work on 1 hour time frames or 1 week time frames - please complete the survey

The survey is specifically aimed at collecting information from South African or regional based traders or wannabee traders/speculators/investors of any of the following:

  • Shares (listed)
  • Indices 
  • Options / Futures
  • Bitcoin or similar
  • Forex 
  • Binaries
The objective of the survey is to informally collect information from traders for market assessment purposes.  Please also pass on to other local traders to complete.

Former or rehabilitated traders are also welcome to participate.

Depending on responses this survey should be open for a couple of weeks starting today.

Thanking you for your time!